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A Buying Guide for a Doggie Splash Pad

by Candicea

Puppies are incredible companions for humans. They are fun to be around, interactive, and surprisingly intelligent. Puppies need to be cared for like human babies. They need special attention, proper feeding, and medical attention. Your puppy may also benefit from having a play area; a puppy splash pad can make a fantastic play area. There are many fantastic doggie splash pad manufacturers, like Cenchi.

What to expect from a good doggie splash pad

When choosing a doggie splash pad, you should consider a few things. Remember, you want the best for your dog. You need to take some time to do a background study on anything you buy to have the assurance that your dog will be safe and happy. The good news is you will not have to do much more research because we have detailed what you should know. Below are the qualities of a good doggie splash pad:

Ample size

Size is one of the critical elements to consider when picking a doggie splash pad. A good splash pad for dogs should offer enough space for your dog to move around and play with others. You may also benefit from a splash pad with adequate space for your child to splash and play with your dog. Therefore, you should get a larger splash pad if you have kids. Your dog size may also determine the right splash pad size. Naturally, a larger dog breed would require a bigger splash pad than a smaller breed.


The design is also a factor to consider when getting a doggie splash pad. Some design elements to look into are; depth size, jet and nozzle positions, and base. While all splash pads feature zero water depth, some are shallower than others. Shallower ones are perfect for small dogs and vice versa. You should also examine the number and positions of the water jets and nozzles. Some have adjustable sprinklers, which are pretty cool. Another design element to consider is the water pressure.

Easy installation

A good doggie splash pad should also be easy to install. It should not require a lot of time and effort to set up. While splash pads are easier to install than standard pools and water play areas, some are easier to set up than others. Most of them only require you to unfold and inflate. The hard part is usually attaching the hose and setting up a water preservation system. The easiest splash pads to install come with a garden hose nozzle.

Easy storage and durability

An ideal doggie splash pad should also be easy to store. Most splash pads are foldable. This makes them easy to store when your dog is not using them. You will also not struggle to find a place to store them because of their ideal size. It should also be durable to save you money. Durability means many years of service.


Apart from dog owners, many dog care providers also offer doggie splash pads or parks at their facilities. A doggie splash pad can set apart the facility from its competition. Browse our store to buy the best splash pads.

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