Best Frontal Lace Wigs Buying Guide

Best Frontal Lace Wigs Buying Guide

You're probably a first-time wig wearer and shopper, so we imagine you have many questions.

There are so many wigs in so many different styles and materials that it might be challenging to choose. To get best frontal lace wig follow these easy steps and be ready to glow this season.

Facial Contours

Face-framing wigs look best. Not every wig suits every head shape. Consider your facial form when choosing the cut, length, and color.

Oval Face

Long, wavy hair, a shoulder-grazing flip, or an A-line haircut flatter an oval face. Your facial shape is adaptable enough to suit a range of haircuts.

Round Face

Long layers, side-parted lobs, and wavy side ponytails are great for round faces. Avoid a flat pixie cut, mid-length voluminous curls, and blunt bangs.

Square Face

Square faces look best with long waves, an A-line bob, or long layers with side bangs. Avoid sleek ponytails, jaw-length blunt bobs, and pixie cuts with blunt bangs.

Long Faces

Long face shapes look best with medium-sized, volumized curls or long, loose curls. Long, straight hair with a side bang may be less attractive.

Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces can have a medium-length layered cut, a curly side ponytail, or side bangs. Short, complete bobs or blunt bangs aren't good.


First-time lace front wig wearers should match their natural hair color and texture. If you wish to dye your wig, choose one without artificial colors. Ensure You can bleach the wig.

Blue skin complements red, blonde, or brunette hair. Warmer skin tones look well in gold, honey blonde, brown, or beige brown. However, warm skin tones should choose mahogany or copper: deep black, icy dark brown, or icy red brown complement light tones.


This affects how your wig fits and feels. Small, medium and medium-large wigs exist. Medium wigs are the most popular and flattering. Look for a thick lace wig cap with some give behind the ears. Get a cap with elastic straps so you can adjust the size. Three or four combs secure the wig well (front, crown, sides, and back). Mesh or net caps let air flow and keep skin healthy.

Hair Texture

Lace front wigs can be made from human or synthetic hair. Human hair gives the most natural appearance. These wigs look like real hair but cost more and require more maintenance.


Be sure the lace front is see-through and will work with your skin tone. Those with darker complexions can wear lace in a brown shade. A wig pre-plucked with baby hairs in the front will seem natural and blend in with your own hair.

Final Words

That's it! How to buy and style your first (or next) wig. Wigs are an adventure! It may be pleasant and enrich your life in unexpected ways.

Add glitz to your wig with a headband, barrette, or scarf. Accessorize wigs with hats, braids, or pins to create elegant styles. Have fun and remember: "Life is short; wear wigs."