Context of the book

Context of the book "the alphas mate who cried wolf."

This book is about a girl named Astrid who lives with her father. She is unaware she is a werewolf and has no idea about their existence. Later in the story, her dad tells her he is not her biological father. He turned abusive and offensive towards her after a misfortune that killed her mother. He further reveals that her mother asked him to hide her true identity until she turns eighteen. Because at eighteen, she needs to know her individuality to find her mate. Her life takes a sharp turn when the Ryker comes into her life and claims they are partners. Jazz ford has lucidly described the journey of Astrid seeking love in her painful life. To know Astrid's complete story, read the book "the alpha's mate who cried wolf." A short description of the initial chapter of this book is given below:

Chapter 1:

In chapter 1, Astrid's father reveals that he is not her biological father while beating her up badly. She cries and begs him to spare her. But all he has to do is to blame her for her mother's death. The next day, she goes to the workplace "diner" after school, where her boss Jim notices her bruises. He tells her he is always there to help her, but Astrid politely refuses his offer. After that, Jim asks her if she can do the night shift because of some special guests. As soon as the alpha Ryker enters the Diner with his pack, he smells vanilla and cookies. He immediately looks at Astrid, who is covered in the hood to hide her bruises. Jim tells him that it may be because Astrid is a rogue. Alpha Ryker bumps his fist on the table in anger. But Jim assures him that Astrid is just a waitress here and has done nothing wrong.

Chapter 2:

Astrid covers herself entirely in the hood before serving the whole pack. She avoids eye contact, but Ryker stares intently at her. He doubts that she is her mate because she smells of vanilla and cookies. But Jim denies it, saying a rogue can't be the mate of an alpha male. Ryker follows her to the kitchen and smells her closely. He asks her to remove her hood, but it frightens her. She yells and calls Jim for help. Jim tells him that she is innocent and does not know about the world of werewolves. Astrid tells Jim that she doesn't want to work here anymore. She tries to run away, but Ryker holds her wrist, making her hood falls. Their eyes meet, and Astrid gets locked into that magnetic lustful moment.

Chapter 3:

Ryker follows her and asks about her bruises. She dodges him and reaches home, hoping her dad is not awake. But unfortunately, her dad beats her up even more on arriving late. In the morning, she looks for another job after resigning from Diner. She is walking on the footpath when a stranger zenith in a black Mercedes gives her his business card. He tells her to call him anytime if she needs a job. Who is zenith? Will Ryker be able to convince Astrid to join his pack? To find answers to these questions, read the remaining chapters of "the alphas mate who cried wolf."