How to Get a Good Start in NBA 2K23 MT

How to Get a Good Start in NBA 2K23 MT

Getting off to a good start in NBA 2K23 MT is important for success. If you don’t have the best players, coaches or teams - one of your most crucial aspects as an athlete will be how well do guide yourself through each game begins! So today we're taking look at some tips that can help make this process go much smoother than before.


There are three key steps to getting a good start in NBA 2K23: Choosing a team, choosing a starting location, and creating your starting roster. Once you have chosen these basics, you can start playing games. Try testing out your new team in a three-on-three mode. You can then adjust your roster when you collect new cards.

First, you must acquire coins. There are many ways to get coins, and you should choose the ones that are safe for your account. In NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, you need MT coins to unlock players for your team. They also give you a competitive edge online.

Earning MT coins

In the NBA 2K series, there are many ways to earn MT in the game. One of these is to unlock player packs. These packs contain various cards that you can use to make your team better. This can be fun, but it can also be frustrating if you don't get the card you want. That's where earning NBA 2K23 MT coins can come in handy.

One of the best places to earn MT quickly is the Auction House. By selling duplicate and unwanted player cards, you can earn a huge amount of MT very quickly. At the same time, you can also purchase great player cards that you can sell later on for a profit. In addition, you can maximize the return on your MT coins by focusing on players that have a high demand. If you really lack time, you can choose NBA 2K23 MT Coins For Sale at, which will help you save a lot of time and energy.

Earning VC

Earning VC is crucial for a good start in NBA 2K, and there are several ways to do so. The first method is to complete Daily Rewards in the City, where you'll be awarded VC based on your performance. Another method is by completing Daily Pick 'Em minigames, in which you can predict the outcome of an NBA game. These minigames also allow you to earn MT Points.

Another way to get VC for a good start is to pre-order the game, since you can earn extra VC by buying it early. Every tier comes with additional VC, and if you earn a lot of VC early, you can use this to upgrade MyPlayers.

Domination mode

If you're looking for a fast start in NBA 2K23 MT, domination mode is a great place to begin. Domination mode is a great way to gain valuable game experience and MyTeam points, and you can choose the difficulty level to gain more MT per game. For example, completing the first game on All-Star will earn you six hundred and twenty five MT, and you'll receive three team cards and an Evolution player.

Another great way to get a good start in NBA 2K23 is to start playing exhibitions. In this mode, you can send your player cards on missions to different cities around the world. These cities include Honolulu, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris, where you can earn special rewards.

Locker codes

Locker codes are an excellent way to gain virtual currency (VC) without spending any real money. They can be obtained from the Community Hub in MyTeam mode. You can use these codes to unlock various cards. Each Locker Code can be redeemed in one of two ways: by receiving instant rewards, or by playing a mini-game called Drop the Ball.

NBA 2K23 offers two places where you can redeem locker codes: from the MyTEAM Community Hub, or by going to the Options/Quit menu tab. The locker codes are generally valid for a couple of days, and you must redeem them before they expire. Additionally, some of the codes are limited in quantities, so you may not be able to redeem them right away.