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Various Types of Water Bottles

by Candicea

A water bottle is designed to hold water and other beverages. It allows you to transport beverages conveniently. Water bottles are made of glass, metal, or plastic. They are available in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes. Also, they are either reusable or disposable. Health experts recommend BPA-free plastic water bottle for healthy living. The following are various types of water bottles and how they are made.

Single-use Plastic

Also known as pre-filled water bottles, they keep gaining popularity each year. Research shows that billions of dollars are spent on bottled water each year. In areas where tap water is of low quality, people opt for bottled water. However, there have been environmental concerns about the use of these bottles. Hence, reusable plastic water bottles are recommended.

Reusable Plastic

The truth is that plastic is the most common material used in making water bottles. There are many reasons for this. For instance, plastic is lightweight and easily transportable. The only issue with plastics is their environmental impact. Since these bottles are disposable, many people throw them away after use.


Many companies are now manufacturing glass water bottles. This is because it is regarded to be the healthiest material. Being a natural raw material and non-permeable, it does not give water a bad taste. Since glass can be recycled, it is good for the environment. However, glass is fragile. This means it must be handled with a lot of care. Also, since it is heavy, it compromises portability.


If you are looking for the trendiest water bottle, then you should consider those made of copper. It is sleek and stylish. This makes it a great choice for stylish containers. The main problem with copper is leaching. Water that contains copper traces can cause severe side effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Most water bottle manufacturers use a liner on the inner side.


This is a perfect material for those looking for lightweight water bottles. If portability is your main interest, then you should consider this type of water bottle. Like copper, aluminum can also leach into the water. That explains why manufacturers add a liner between aluminum and water. The liner ought to be BPA-free.


These types of water bottles are meant for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. With this bottle, you can drink water from any source. They have built-in filtration systems. These help get rid of contaminants in water. When buying these water bottles, you have to pay attention to the type of filter. The most popular filters are ultraviolet and carbon filters.


If you want to keep water cold or hot for a given period, you should get insulated water bottles. These are made of unique materials meant to maintain the temperature for several hours.


This type of water bottle is designed for travelers. When empty, you can fold it to save space. Make sure you choose collapsible water bottles that are strong. This is to ensure they can withstand wear and tear due to regular folding.


There are many other types of water bottles you can buy. The above are the common ones. You can also find some made of bamboo and others featuring the latest technological systems. Make sure you choose a water bottle that suits your needs.

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