What to Know When Priming a Prime Pod Vape coil

What to Know When Priming a Prime Pod Vape coil

Prime pod vapes can either be the open or closed type. In this case, we focus on the open system prime pods with replaceable atomizer heads or coils. An example is the uwell caliburn koko prime pod kit, the newest addition of the Caliburn series. Such pods have coils with a wire and wicking material, either cotton or ceramic, which soak up liquid hence the name prime pods. We look at what to know when priming a prime pod vape coil below.

Things to note when priming a prime pod vape coil

We can all agree that not everyone knows how to prime their newly acquired pod system. While it might seem like too much work, it is actually a simple process. But that does not mean you do it without any attention or keenness. Luckily, you can avoid inconveniences by knowing what the process needs. Know the following things before you prime your pod vape coil.

What is priming a vape coil?

As stated before, every pod vape kit has wicking cotton or ceramic material. To prime, a vape coil means giving these materials time to saturate, so they don’t burn when the battery is activated—failure to prime causes what vapers call a ‘dry hit’ which tastes very bad. Priming is necessary every time you buy a new pod vape.

Is priming a pod vape hectic?

Priming is a very simple process, suitable for beginners and advanced vapers. Some e-cigs do not require priming, so it’s a new practice for some people. Since it takes just a few minutes, don’t be in a hurry to take a puff less you experience the dry hit.

What’s the process of priming a pod vape?

Once you have your kit, fill the tank with the e-juice of your choice. Vape juices vary to suit different users as some have strong flavors while others feel quite smooth. Leave the tank to stand for a couple of minutes before you begin vaping. In the meantime, the wicking material absorbs plenty of e-juice until it’s saturated. The pod vape is ready for use when you accomplish the ultimate saturation level. The first puff will feel plentiful and tasty if you do the priming correctly.

The recommended length for priming a vape coil

Vaping is an exciting activity for vapers, especially when doing it socially. Most want to dive right in, but priming is necessary for new prime pod vapes. An excellent prime session is anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. However, the longer you let the wick material soak up, the better. Oils and liquids have different viscosity, so some pods take longer than others to saturate. PG ingredients take a shorter time to saturate a coil than VG liquids.

Final words

Pod vapes are always available for purchase at UWELL. However, don’t be tempted to use them immediately after purchase. Priming is crucial to help the wicking material saturate and prevent burning upon inhalation. Prime for at least five to thirty minutes, then proceed with vaping. Use the steps above to help you prime and enjoy the tasty vape.