Wired and Wireless PC Gamepads Comparison

Wired and Wireless PC Gamepads Comparison

PC gaming is a lot more popular than it used to be, and that includes the accessories that go along with it. From mice and keyboards to headsets and microphones, there are plenty of options out there for people who want to take their game from their desktop computer to the couch.

But what about controllers? If you're serious about your PC gaming, you probably want something better than the keyboard and mouse combo. And if you already have a controller for your gaming console or arcade cabinet, why not use it on your PC as well?

But what accessory would you prefer? A gamepad pc wireless or wired Controller?

Wired Gaming Controllers

Wired gaming controllers have been a staple of the world of video games for decades. While wireless technology has improved over time, wired controllers are still the preferred choice for gamers around the world.

The wired controller connects directly to your computer or console using cables rather than wireless technologies.

Advantages of Wired PC Gaming Controllers

1) Less interference – As compared to a wireless controller, a wired controller does not have any interferences from other devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. This means that you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience without any distractions.

2) More precise – A wired controller provides more precision than a wireless one because there are no delays in sending signals from your hands to the game console due to interference from other devices around you. Therefore, you are able to perform your movements with more accuracy in a fast-paced game like Call Of Duty (CoD).

3) Cheaper - Wired gaming controllers are generally cheaper than their wireless counterparts and they don't require any extra equipment to get them working.


The main downside of wired controllers is their lack of freedom. You have to be within a certain distance from your console in order to use them, which can be an issue if your TV is in an awkward spot or you need to use the bathroom during a particularly intense multiplayer session.

Wireless Gaming Controllers

Wireless gaming controllers are the ultimate way to get your game on. With high-quality Bluetooth technology and a range of compatible devices, there’s no reason to sit in front of your computer when you can play from anywhere in your house.

Advantages of Wireless Gaming Controllers

· They have greater range than Bluetooth or infrared controllers, allowing you more freedom of movement within your play area without losing signal strength;

· They don’t require line-of-sight between your console and controller in order to work properly (something that can happen with Bluetooth and infrared);

· They don’t suffer from interference from other devices operating on the same frequency band (as does Bluetooth).


· The main disadvantage of wireless gaming controllers is that they don't work with all games. For example, the Xbox controller works with most of the new games on the market, but it doesn't work with older games.

· Another disadvantage is that if you use a wireless controller, you need to charge it before you can use it. Some people find this annoying because they have to wait until they can play again.

· Finally, wireless gaming controllers cost more than wired ones do. Wireless controllers also require batteries that need replacing every few months or so.


A gamepad is needed to use the games on the computer. The wired and wireless are two kinds of gamepads. You can choose the one you like. A wireless gamepad has some features that a wired gamepad has. However, in general, a gamepad should be able to meet your requirement for playing games on the computer. It depends on your need to choose which one you need more. Visit easysmx game collections for more insight on the different types of gamepads.